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25. Review M. VAT ACT


          25. Review

(1) After any order including an order under this section or any order in appeal, is passed under this Act, rules or notifications, by any officer or person sub-ordinate to him, the Commissioner may, of his own motion, or upon information received by him, call for the record of such order and examine whether,--
(a)   any turnover of sales or purchases has not been brought to tax or has been brought to tax at lower rate, or has been incorrectly classified, any claim is incorrectly granted or that the liability to tax is understated, or
(b) In any case, the order is erroneous, in so for as it is prejudicial to the interests of revenue, and after examination may by serving on the dealer a notice in the prescribed form , pass an order to the best of his judgment, where necessary,
(2) (i) For the purpose of the examination and passing of the order, the Commissioner may require by service of notice in the prescribed form, the dealer to produce or cause to be produced before him such books of accounts and other documents or evidence which he thinks necessary for the purposes aforesaid.
(ii) No order under this section shall be passed after the expiry of five years from the end of the year in which the order passed by the sub-ordinate officer has been served on the dealer.
(iii) Where in respect of any order or part of the said order passed by the sub-ordinate officer, an order has been passed by any appellate authority including the Tribunal, or such order is pending for decision in appeal, or an appeal is filed then whether or not the issues involved in the examination have been decided or raised in appeal, the Commissioner may within five years of the end of the year in which the said order passed by the subordinate officer has been served on the dealer, make a report to the said appellate authority including the Tribunal regarding his examination or the report or the information received by him and the said appellate authority including the Tribunal shall thereupon, after giving the dealer a reasonable opportunity of being heard, pass an order to the best of its judgment, where necessary . For the purposes of section 26, such order shall be deemed to be an order passed in appeal.
(3) If the State Government or the Commissioner has initiated any proceeding before an appropriate forum, against a point which is decided against the State by a judgment of the Tribunal, then the Commissioner may, in respect of any order, other than the order which is the subject matter of the judgement, call for the record, conduct an examination as aforesaid, record his findings, call for the said books of accounts and other evidence, hear the dealer and pass an order as provided for under this section as if the point was not so decided against the State, but shall stay the recovery of the dues including interest, penalty or amount forfeited, in so far as they relate to such point until the decision by the appropriate forum and after such decision may modify the order of review, if necessary, after giving the dealer a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

(4) No proceedings under this section shall he entertained on any application made by a dealer or a person.

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