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Section - 4
Section - 4A
Section - 4B
Section - 5
Section - 5A
Section - 6
Section - 7
Section - 8
Section - 9
Section - 10
Section - 11
Section - 12
Section - 12A
Section - 12AA
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Exemptions of a general nature

Section -15A
Section -15B
Section -15C
Section -16
Section -17
Section -18
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Section -19
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Section -20
Section -20A
Section -21
Section -22
Section -23
Section -23A
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Section -24
Section -24A
Section -24B
Section -25
Section -25A
Section -26 Change in constitution of a firm 
Section - 26A  Procedure in registration of firms
Section - 27 Cancellation of assessment when cause is shown
Section - 28 Penalty for concealment of income or improper distribution of profits
Section - 29 Notice of demand
Section - 30 Appeal against assessment under this Act
Section - 31 Hearing of appeal
Section - 32 Omitted by s. 87 of the Indian Income-tax (Amendment) Act, 1939
Section - 33 Appeals against orders of Appellate Assistant Commissioner
Section - 33A Power of revision by Commissioner
Section - 33B Power of Commissioner to revise Income-tax Officer's orders
Section - 34 Income escaping assessment
Section - 35 Rectification of mistake
Section - 36  Omitted by s. 3 of the Finance Act, 1957
Section - 37 Powers of Income-tax authorities
Section - 38 Power to call for information
Section - 39 Power to inspect the register of members of any company
Section - 40 Guardians, trustees and agents
Section -41 Courts of Wards, etc
Section -42 Income deemed to accrue or arise within the taxable territories 
Section -43  Agent to include persons treated as such
Section -44  Liability in case of firm or association discontinued or dissolved
Section -44A  Liability to tax of occasional shipping
Section -44B Return of profits and gains
Section -44C Adjustment
Section -44D Avoidance of income-tax by transactions resulting in the transfer of income to persons resident or ordinarily resident abroad
Section -44E Avoidance of tax by certain transactions in securities
Section -44F Avoidance of tax by sales cum-dividend
Section -45 Tax when payable
Section -46 Mode and time of recovery
Section -46A Persons leaving India to obtain tax clearance certificate 
Section -47 Recovery of penalties 
Section -48 Refunds
Section -48A Omitted by s. 56 of the Indian Income-tax (Amendment) Act, 1939 
Section -49 Omitted by s. 10 of the Income-tax and Business Profits Tax(Amendment) Act, 1948, with effect from 30th March 1948 
Section -49A  Agreement for granting relief in respect of double taxation or for avoidance thereof
Section -49B Relief to shareholders in respect of agricultural income-tax attributable to dividends 
Section -49BB Relief to company in respect of dividend paid out of past taxed profits 
Section -49C Omitted by s. 15 of the Finance Act, 1959, with effect from 1st April 1960 
Section -49D  Relief in respect of incomes accruing or arising outside the taxable territories 
Section -49E Power to set off amount of refunds against tax remaining payable
Section -49EE  Power to set off in certain cases moneys in the possession of Government against tax found due under assessments, etc., thereafter to be made
Section -49F Power of representative of deceased person or person disabled to make claim on his behalf
Section -50 Limitation of claims for refund
Section -50A Omitted by s. 62 of the Indian Income-tax (Amendment) Act, 1939
Section -51 Failure to make payments or deliver returns or statements or allow inspection
Section -52 False statement in declaration
Section -53 Prosecution to be at instance of Inspecting Assistant Commissioner
Section -54 Disclosure of information by a public servant
Section -55 Charge of super-tax
Section -56 Total income for purposes of super-tax
Section -56A Exemption from super-tax of certain dividends
Section -57 Omitted by s. 69 of the Indian Income-tax (Amendment) Act, 1939
Section -58 Application of Act to super-tax
Section -58A Definitions
Section -58B The according and withdrawal of recognition
Section -58C Conditions to be satisfied by a recognised provident fund
Section -58D Power to relax restrictions of employer's contributions in certain cases
Section -58E Annual contributions of employers and interest when deemed to be income received
Section -58F Exemption of employees' contributions from income-tax
Section -58G Exemption of accumulated balance from income-tax and super-tax
Section -58H Deduction at source of income-tax payable on accumulated balances due
Section -58-I Accounts of recognised provident funds
Section -58J Treatment of balances in newly recognised provident funds
Section -58K Treatment of fund transferred by employer to trustee
Section -58L Provisions relating to rules
Section -58M Application of this Chapter
Section -58N Definitions
Section - 58-O Approval and withdrawal of approval
Section -58P Conditions for approval
Section -58Q  Application for approval
Section -58R  Exemption of superannuation fund from income-tax
Section -58S  Treatment of repaid contributions
Section -58T  Deduction from pay of, and contributions on behalf of, employee to be included in return under section 21
Section -58U Liabilities of trustees on cessation of approval of fund
Section -58V Particulars to be furnished in respect of superannuation funds
Section -59 Power to make rules
Section -59A Publication of information respecting penalties in certain cases
Section -59B Disclosure of information respecting tax payable
Section -60 Power to make exemption, etc
Section -60A Power, to make exemption, etc., in relation to merged territories or to the territories which immediately before the 1st November, 1956, were comprised in any Part B State or to Chandernagore
Section -60B Tax may be levied for period other than previous year or deducted at source or paid in advance, wherever so provided
Section -61 Appearance by authorised representative
Section -62 Receipts to be given
Section -63 Service of notices
Section -64 Place of assessment
Section -65 Indemnity
Section -66 Statement of case by Appellate Tribunal to High Court
Section -66A Reference to be heard by Benches of High Courts and appeal to lie in certain cases to the Supreme Court
Section -67 Bar of suits in Civil Court
Section -67A Computation of periods of limitation
Section -67B Act to have effect pending legislative provision for charge of income-tax
Section -68 Repeals

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